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Contact Centers Limburg

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Welcome to Contact Centers Limburg, the new information platform for companies and organisations in the contact center business in Limburg. Contact Centers Limburg provides you with information about the regional business climate, interesting links to sector related networks and communities, solutions for recruitment and other HR subjects and much more. Limburg province is the perfect place to start and expand your contact center activities. This website shows you why!

Contact Centers Limburg's main target groups:

Foreign investors: contact centers, financial shared service centers and e-fulfilment companies searching for a location to start or expand their European activities;

Dutch and foreign companies with cc- and ssc activities established elsewhere in the Netherlands, who want to relocate to Limburg;

Dutch and foreign companies with cc- and ssc activities already established in Limburg, that need further information, network contacts or assistance with labour market or education issues;

Local and provincial authorities that are considering to outsource their customer contact activities.